Banana Banter

Read what people are saying about Nana's Baked Goods!

Talk about gourmet, this is it.

Elliott F. (CA)

The best banana bread in the west.  Well worth every penny.

Debbi R. (CA)

Nana’s banana bread is a best kept secret.  This bread is great.

Ed B. (CA)

“OMG! Nana’s banana bread is sooooooo delicious. I bought 3lbs yesterday and there were so delicious that I almost ate an entire pound. These will definitely be on my gift giving list. You MUST try. Yummmmmmmmmy!! You have a customer for life.”

Oriana G. (CA)

YES, YES, YES…I want more…NOW!

Joseph G. (TN)

I send my clients Nana’s Banana Bread as a reward for their referrals, I always make sure I sent a quality product.

Anthony O. (CA)

My wife use to make a bread that tasted like yours, now she is gone and it is good to find taste that brings back wonderful memories.

Peter W. (FL)

Hands down, the best carrot cake ever.

Leona S. (NE)

Talk about addiction, I don’t want rehab. 

Andrew B. (D.C.)

Lovely banana bread, I can’t get enough of it.

Tina M. (IL)

All your bread was great, we finished them in two days, the banana pineapple was the best, all were fresh and moist.

Earni V. (CA)

I told my family and friend I baked your bread, now I’m in trouble, everybody wants it – can I have your recipe?

Cathy J. (GA)